What are varioneers?

They are100 % porcelain, ultra-thin shells that are directly fitted to the front surface of the teeth in one smooth movement.

Why do we use varioneers?

  • No pain, no injection, no preparation .
    • Two to three visit only ,and get your direct result.
    • Permanent white teeth with attractive design.
    • (7years) manufacture warranty.
    • (10-7) working days delivery.
    • Design your suitable smile view before start.
    • Extended numbers of shades help you reach your exact required color.

Dental varioneers vs dental laminates

Varioneers don’t require any tooth preparation, and they are made only from 100% ceramics.  They are made in certain cases that don’t need heavy corrections.


How are varioneers made?

First visit

. Photos in the following poses (if possible)
a. smile position (Normal /Big)
b .rest position
c. Profile position
d. Full face

. Then the dentist will take a full mouth impression for the patient.

Second visit

Working days set of varioneers will provide you with 10-14 night guard.
The dentist will tryin the varioneers in the mouth and then will use the proper cement for fitting.


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