Prosthetics after implants

Prosthetics after implants


The final prosthesis is made three to six months after implant insertion. This is period of time is
very important for bone and soft tissue healing and implant stability. Before this period
temporization is performed by fixed or removable prosthesis according to the givens of each
The selection between different types and methods of fixation of prosthesis differs from case to

The final prosthesis can be fixed by luting material (cement).

Also, the fixation of prosthesis can be made by fixation screws.

The final prosthesis after implant insertion can be a fixed removable denture, where the
denture is seated on implants and fixed by certain parts attached to the implants and extended
to the body of the denture. The fixed removable denture has the advantages of ease in
cleaning due to the availability to remove it from patient’s mouth easily by the patient himself
or the dentist. Another great advantage of this type of restorations is that the patient can use
his old denture to be fixed on implants without the need to make a new one. This saves time
and expenses.









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