Immediate implant insertion

Immediate implant insertion



It is the process of implant insertion immediately after dental extraction.  In this case, there should be enough amount of remaining bone for implant fixation, so that the implant is covered entirely by bone.


In cases of immediate loading, dental extraction is more sophisticated than in normal cases.  Certain extraction tools are used to protect the remaining bone and prevent its loss.


In cases where bone loss is unavoidable during extraction before implant insertion, the surgeon will evaluate the situation whether to use external or internal bone grafts during implant insertion, or even delay the process of implant insertion three to six months, until complete bone and soft tissue healing occurs.



Nowadays, the three dimensional CT scans (Cone Beam CT) can be used for early evaluation of the bone, and to try to estimate the different scenarios.  In cases where inflammation and abscess are present, the process of implant insertion is preferred to be delayed two months at least after extraction.



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