Full arch implants

Full arch implants



The process of complete arch implant insertion contains a group of steps starts by diagnosis and three dimensional CT scans.  Proper diagnosis should give optimum evaluation of the bone and soft tissue condition, and if there are any inflammation, abscesses or remaining roots.


The second step is to determine the type and number of implants, and also the type of the final prosthesis and if the bone and soft tissue needs augmentation or not.  Generally, the upper arch needs six to eight implants to stabilize a fixed restoration, and the lower arch needs four to six implants to stabilize a fixed restoration.  In cases of fixed removable dentures, the number of implants used is decreased.


Proper arrangement of implants in the right and left sides of the jaw can be obtained by specialized computer softwares, where proper positioning and tilting of implants are done.  Also the process of implant insertion itself can be guided by certain computer softwares.


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